thrives amidst a

world of obstacles

"With  empathy and proper

nurturing we can craft robust

technology solutions that remain

faithful to your core vision."

-Kristofer Lambi

Awumba means

Some ancient African tribes believe that a person is not merely human by being born, instead they say, we are human beings because of the deeds and actions that connect us to others, to families, to friends, to community.

They call such a person Awumba.
Awumba means

Comfortable with thorny problems

Things rarely go as smooth as expected.
Everything is fine then… BAM!
A crisis hits out of nowhere.
At Awumba, we're  ready for the curve balls that technology can throw. Expecting the unexpected. Planning for the unforeseen. Facing challenges head-on. Like well-trained athletes... skilled, bold. Keeping our focus amidst sudden change. Our people are diverse, our solutions vast. Deep into the technology, while embracing ancient wisdom.
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Awumba makes
Awumba means

Teamwork done differently

Imagine what we could achieve if we worked together as effortlessly as a flock of birds. A recent study in "Nature" found that groups with strong human bonds and synchronized interactions were more likely to solve complex puzzles quickly and efficiently. Shared leadership and shared goals were crucial factors in their success. At Awumba we apply this  “swarming” approach to solving gnarly problems, clearing  logjams and keeping things moving towards the goal.
Find out how Awumba “swarms” to solve technical logjams
Awumba makes

Awumba means

Adapting to the situation

Every client is different. Every project, product or system is different. We believe in being flexible enough to work well in every situation. We understand the need for process, more importantly we understand your process and work the way you like to work.

Awumba means

sharing your vision

To us the word partners means being committed to an objective. It means dedication to achieving a desired outcome. We fully invest in our client’s vision. We listen, we engage, we act.
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Awumba makes
Awumba means

Normalizing change

An ancient proverb says “change is a bridge to the unknown”, but dealing with the unknown can be the hardest part of working in technology. Having to adjust scope and requirements is often an uncomfortable routine event, yet how change is handled determines success or failure.
At Awumba we see change as normal.
We expect it. We plan on it.
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Awumba makes

We only win when you win

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